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Superior South End Traffic Study

About the Study
Visual Representation of Surrounding TextThe MIC is cooperating with the City of Superior and Wisconsin Department of Transportation to address neighborhood concerns about traffic and safety along Highway 35 in South Superior, Wisconsin. A combination of traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, and a lack of traffic signals along Highway 35 make crossing the four lane highway difficult for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike at various times throughout the day.

The aim of this study is to collect a sufficient amount and variety of data to help evaluate the concerns of the neighborhood residents while also helping to weigh the costs/benefits of possible solutions.

The Process
Visual Representation of Surrounding TextThis study with a joint meeting of the MIC, City of Superior, City Councilor, Dan Olson, and WisDOT. The results of a previous efforts to address traffic issues in the neighborhood were reviewed, and subsequent plan of action was developed. This led to a May 7th neighborhood meeting held at Bryant Elementary School in which staff from the MIC and the City of Superior received valuable input from the residents about specific traffic issues they see in the neighborhood. With this information, the MIC, the City, and WisDOT devised a strategy for collecting information and carrying out further study tasks.

What’s Next?
Visual Representation of Surrounding TextData collection began in June and has been occurring throughout the summer of 2012. Residents and others interested in the study are encouraged to follow the progress of this work on our blog, OpenMIC, where we will be posting project updates and notices about future meetings and opportunities to participate. Additional meetings are being planned for the fall/winter 2012 to share findings with the neighborhood residents and begin to develop appropriate improvements to traffic operations in the neighborhood.

For more information, contact Senior MIC Planner, James Gittemeier at (218) 529-7556 or Senior MIC Planner, Robert Herling at (218) 529-7573.