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Human Services Coordinated Transit Plan
In August of 2005, Congress passed the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient, Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), reauthorizing the surface transportation act. As part of this reauthorization, grantees under the New Freedom Initiative (disabled transportation beyond ADA), Job Access and Reverse Commute (low income job access), and Elderly and Disabled Transportation Program (where public mass transportation services are unavailable, insufficient, or inappropriate) must meet certain requirements in order to receive funding for FY 2007 and beyond.

One of the requirements is that projects from the listed programs be part of a “locally developed coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan.” This plan is to be developed through a process that includes representatives from public, private, non-profit transportation services, human services providers and the general public. Project funding solicitations will be managed by WisDOT and MnDOT.

Initiatives for the Duluth Metropolitan Area and Arrowhead Region
ARDC’s Regional Planning Division, in cooperation with the MIC, devised the Duluth Metropolitan and Arrowhead Region Human Services Transportation Plan. A Steering Committee Meeting was first held in July 2006 for the Minnesota process, and again for an update of the plan in 2013. Steering committee members included Duluth and Regional stakeholders representing elderly, low income, and disabled groups.

Initiatives for the Superior Metropolitan and Douglas County Region
Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) facilitated the planning process for the ten counties in Northwest Wisconsin (including Douglas County and the Superior Metropolitan area). A Human Services Transportation workshop was held on August 2nd to review survey results and develop action statements for the Plan. A final plan document was submitted to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation by the end of September.

For More Information
  • Duluth Metropolitan Area: Contact MIC Director Ron Chicka by phone at (218) 529-7506 or by e-mail.
  • Northeast MN/Arrowhead Region: Contact Andy Hubley, ARDC Regional Division Director, by phone at (218) 529-7512 or by e-mail.
  • Northwest WI/Superior Metropolitan Area and Douglas County: Contact Sheldon Johnson by phone at (715) 635-2197, ext. 228 or by e-mail.