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MIC Policy Board
The MIC's planning and programming activities are overseen by the Policy Board, comprised of 18 elected officials and citizens (9 from Minnesota and 9 from Wisconsin).

MIC Members
Policy Board members represent all local units of government within the MIC's planning area and are appointed by their jurisdictions for two-year terms. There are no limits to the number of terms a representative may serve.

MIC Meetings
MIC staff member presenting plan recommendations Meeting materials (agendas, handouts, meeting summaries, guest speaker presentations) are posted one week prior to each month's meeting.

The MIC meets every third Wednesday of the month through October, no meeting in November and the second Wednesday of December (view 2016 calendar).

The monthly meetings provide a forum for discussion and consideration of local transportation issues by the MIC planners, local elected officials, and modal representatives who are directly involved.

Board Responsibilities
The Policy Board provides cooperative leadership to meet the following objectives:
  • To address major transportation issues and solve problems that affect multiple jurisdictions or agencies within the Duluth-Superior metropolitan area.

  • To develop detailed transportation information that will encourage decisions to enhance livability and optimize the movement of people and goods throughout the metropolitan area.

  • To improve the comprehensive transportation network so that it is safe and fully integrated.

  • To gain the maximum benefit from each public transportation investment.

  • To attain an effective area-wide transportation planning process that is inclusive and responsive to the needs and interests of the area's residents, interest groups, units of government and affected agencies.

For More Information
Contact MIC Director Ron Chicka by phone at (218) 529-7506 or send an email