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Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
The TAC is one of two technical advisory committees to the MIC. Its members inlcude planning and engineering staff from all MIC jurisdictions and also represent various modes of transportation including bikes and pedestrians, airport and port/harbor.
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TAC Meetings
Transportation Advisory Committee meetings provide a forum for discussion among transportation planning and engineering staff from all MIC jurisdictions. The TAC meets monthly, on the Tuesday before each MIC Policy Board meeting (which meets on the third Wednesday).
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TAC member comments and recommendations are presented to the Policy Board for their consideration, particularly in regard to voting items on the MIC agenda.

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TAC Objectives
  • To advise the MIC Policy Board on its long- and short-range plans and studies as they are being developed;
  • To encourage participation and coordination among the agencies which have a direct role in planning, programming and implementing the transportation system in the Duluth-Superior urbanized area;
  • To provide a forum for discussion and consideration of local transportation issues by the local, state and federal officials who are directly involved;
  • To encourage an intermodal and interdisciplinary approach to the overall transportation needs of the metropolitan area.

  • For More Information
    Contact the MIC Director, Ron Chicka via email or call 218.529.7506.

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    DTA Management Services
    We are seeking competitive proposals from qualified firms or individuals to provide Transit Management Services for the transit system serving the City of Duluth, Minnesota, the surrounding area, and Superior, Wisconsin. (Closes 9/8/16)

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    Current Planning Initiatives
    Lincoln Park Multimodal Transportation Study

    Duluth-Superior Port Land Use Plan- 2015 Update

    Northwest Douglas County Freight Movement Study

    4th Street Construction Project

    Duluth 6th Avenue East Traffic Study

    Bicycle Planning

    Recent Plans and Studies
    Connnections 2040: The Duluth-Superior Long Range Transportaton Plan

    Grand Ave/State Hwy 23 Corridor Study

    Superior South End Traffic Study

    Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Study for the Duluth Area

    Duluth-Superior Cruise Ship Terminal Study

    DLH Air Service/Air Cargo Leakage & Expansion Analysis

    Duluth Sidewalk Study

    Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Bike Map

    Central Entrance Corridor Study

    Lincoln Park Pedestrian Plan

    Transportation Systems Management (TSM)

    N Minnesota/NW Wisconsin Freight Plan

    UMD-CSS Transportation Study

    East 2nd Street Corridor Study (Superior)

    DTA Route Analysis for the City of Superior

    Downtown Modal Connections Study

    Proctor Comprehensive Plan Update 2008

    Endion Land Use and Transportation Study

    Safe Routes To School Funding Applications

    Northwest Superior Traffic Circulation Plan

    Proctor Master Trail Plan

    Munger Trail to Lakewalk Connector

    Erie Pier Management Plan

    Duluth Heights Traffic Circulation Plan

    MnDOT Functional Classification Update

    Public Involvement Plan

    Rice Lake Road Corridor & Traffic Impact Study

    Duluth and Superior Safe Routes to School Plans

    Duluth Urban Area Growth Impact Study

    Human Services Coordinated Transit Plan