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HTAC Dredging Subcommittee
The Dredging Subcommittee is looking at short and long term strategies for dredge material placement. Short term strategies include developing Erie Pier as a recycling facility. Long term strategies include potential development of beneficial reuse habitat creation projects and continued recycling of dredge materials at Erie Pier.

Photo credit: USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest, Gary Lidholm The Chair of this subcommittee is Gene Clark, HTAC Member representing the Wisconsin Sea Grant Progam. MIC staff will be assisting this subcommittee by performing meeting facilitation and assisting in the development of the Erie Pier Management Plan.

Erie Pier Management Plan
Click on image of plan cover to view plan (pdf format) Members of the Dredging Subcommittee completed work on the Erie Pier Management in May 2007. Erie Pier is the confined disposal facility (CDF) for storage and limited processing of dredged materials from maintenance dredging of the Duluth-Superior harbor. A new management plan is necessary because at currents rates the facility will reach capacity in approximately 10 years.

The purpose of the plan is to facilitate a dredged material reuse program at Erie Pier and convert it to a processing and reuse facility (PRF). Without additional recycling and removal of material from Erie Pier, a new CDF will have to be sited. Typically this process can take up to 10 years and cost estimates range from $6-16 million plus land acquisition and permitting costs.

The Dredging Subcommittee recommended that the HTAC adopt the plan. The HTAC approved the Erie Pier Management Plan at their June 6, 2007 meeting. They forwarded the plan to the MIC Policy Board for their approval. Subsequently, the MIC approved the plan at their June 20, 2007 meeting along with a resolution in support of the conversion of Erie Pier to a processing and reuse facility. The MIC directed staff to send the resolution with a cover letter to area jurisdictions and agencies responsible for road and other construction projects urging them to consider the Erie Pier material as a fill or cover resource.

The management plan includes information addressing material separation and characterization, on-site water management, transshipment facilities, contamination testing and a strategy for marketing the materials. Local cities, counties, and state agencies involved in construction projects and landfill operations will be approached to partner in utilizing material from Erie Pier. If this management plans is successful Erie Pier can operate indefinitely, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

For More Information
Contact MIC Principal Planner Andy McDonald by phone at (218) 529-7514 or by e-mail.

Photo credit: USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest, Gary Lidholm