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MIC Staff
The transportation planning staff at the Metropolitan Interstate Council conducts research, develops technical tools and analyses for the region, consults with area jurisdictions and advises the Policy Board on transportation issues in the Duluth-Superior area.

Ron Chicka, AICP
MIC Director

Ron began at ARDC and the MIC in 1995, becoming Program Manager in 1997 and MIC Division Director in 1998. Prior to ARDC employed with City of Janesville (WI) Planning Dept as the MPO Coordinator from 1990 to 1995. He has an undergraduate degree in Geography from University of WisconsinĖMadison and a Masterís degree in Urban Planning from University of KansasĖ emphasis areas of land use and transportation. He is a member of the American Planning Association and is certified by American Institute of Certified Planners. His responsibilities with the MIC include:
    Development of the MIC Work Program and budget
    Consultation with local, state and federal officials on transportation activities
    State and federal legislation review
    Reports to ARDC Board, NWRPC Board, MIC committee and project steering committees
    Overall MIC Program administrative functions and project oversight

Outside of work, he enjoys many outdoor activities including travel, golfing, biking, and cross-country skiing. A favorite pastime is competing in combined biking and running events (duathlons) throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota over the summer months.

Contact Ron:
By e-mail / By phone 218-529-7506

Chris Belden

Chris Belden, of Floodwood, MN, began with the MIC in late 2015. He received a BA in Planning and Community Development from St. Cloud State University in 2013 and interned with the City of Duluth and WSB & Associates in Minneapolis.

Chris will take the lead role in the MIC's Safe Routes to School planning and will learn the ins and outs of managing the annual process for the Duluth area Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

In his free time he enjoys hiking the Superior Hiking Trail and traveling/exploring. He also likes to rehab old furniture and do woodworking.

Contact Chris
By email / By phone(218)529-7502

James Gittemeier, AICP
Principal Planner

James has worked at the MIC since 2004. He earned a B.A. in Urban Affairs from Saint Louis University and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Kansas.

His work is focused primarily on coordinating community efforts to address the bicycle and pedestrian issues that the face the Duluth-Superior region. He facilitates the MIC's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) and contributes to various corridor plans and transportation studies.

Outside of work, James likes to travel to new cities to observe what makes them livable and unique. The next city on his list to visit is Bogota, Columbia. When not traveling, James likes to spend his free time walking all around this area exploring the neighborhoods and the urban wilderness areas.

Contact James:
By e-mail / By phone (218) 529-7556

Robert Herling, AICP
Senior Planner

Robert has served Duluth-Superior communities with transportation related planning efforts since 2006. He manages the annual update of the Duluth Area Transportation Improvement Program and serves as the lead on the MICís Safety Planning and Traffic System Management (TSM) ) plans, represents the MIC as a member of Driving 4 Safe Communities and the Lake Superior Region Safe Communities Coalition. He also serves as the MICís liaison to the Duluth Transit Authority Board and contributes to various transit planning initiatives.

Current and recent plans and studies include:

Lincoln Park Multimodal Transportation Study
Grand Avenue / State Hwy 23 Corridor Study
East 2nd Street Corridor Study
Duluth-Superior Long Range Transportation Plan 2035
Northwest Superior Traffic Circulation Study
South End Superior Traffic Study

When not in the office searching for the most appropriate multi-modal transportation solutions, heís usually found on a ski trail or in a trout stream, or with his head in a book.

Contact Robert:
By e-mail / By phone (218) 529-7573

Sheldon Johnson
MIC Deputy Director

Sheldon serves as the MIC's liaison to the Northwest Regional Planning Commission. He has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in Geography and in Urban Studies and an M.A. from Mankato State University in Urban and Regional Studies.

Sheldon has been with the MIC/NWRPC since 1994. He is member of the American Planning Association, on the Board of Directors of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, and on the Wisconsin Local Roads and Streets Council. His responsibilities with the MIC include:
    Coordination and development of the Superior Urbanized Area TIP
    Consultation with Wisconsin officials (local, state, and federal) on transportation issues
Contact Sheldon:
Northwest Regional Planning Commission
1400 S River Street, Spooner, WI 54801
By e-mail / By phone (715) 635-2197

Eric Miller
GIS Specialist

Eric Miller of Appleton, WI, began as the MICís GIS Specialist in early 2013. Eric received his BA in Urban Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a GIS Certificate from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA with a masterís degree in forestry remote sensing.

He assists with every MIC plan and study by providing customized maps and interactive map applications.

In his spare time you can find him traveling, hiking, bicycling, playing basketball, experiencing live music or sporting events. Currently heís adapting to the brisk Duluth winter after four years sporting shorts and sandals behind Californiaís redwood curtain.

Contact Eric:
By e-mail / By phone (218) 529-7515

Barb Peterson
Administrative Assistant

Barb coordinates all policy board and advisory committee meetings and is responsible for writing the meeting summaries. She provides assistance to the MIC Director and other staff members when the need arises, and is learning to update the MIC website. Barb graduated from the University of St Thomas with a BA in Mathematics and also brings quite a varied background in customer service, office processes and procedures.

When not at work, she enjoys her gardens, making old things new, updating her home and keeping up with kids and grandkids.

Contact Barb:
By e-mail / By phone (218) 529-7541

Rondi Watson
Planning Assistant

Rondi has worked at the MIC since 1999. She studied English and Public Health at the University of Minnesota, and prior to the MIC, her most interesting and memorable job was eight years at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Human Resources department.

As Planning Assistant for the MIC she has primary responsibility for implementing the MIC's strategic communications plan, social media initiatives and other administrative tasks. Current and recent plans and projects include:

Public Involvement Plan Update
Duluth-Superior Long Range Transportation Plan (chapters 1 and 2)
MIC's Facebook Page

Now an enthusiastic Duluthian, she advocates for active transportation in general and for bus riders specifically as a member of the Duluth Transit Authority board. And don't get her started about how a rechargeable pedal-assist bicycle can improve one's quality of life in a small city on a large hill!

Contact Rondi

By e-mail / (218) 529-7511