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Functional Classification Update
MIC staff is working closely with MnDOT and local jurisdictions to conduct a complete review of the Functional Classification system within the Minnesota section of the MIC Planning Area. Functional classification is the grouping of streets and highways into classes or systems according to the character of service they are intended to provide. This classification system is also a factor in distributing state and federal funds to local jurisdictions. In July 2005 MnDOT initiated a statewide update of the functional classisfication system to correct discontinuities in the network and to resolve conflicts between jurisdictions (i.e., cities and counties) over the appropriate classification of some roadways.

Project Updates
MIC staff has verified the correct functional classification of the MIC area and has updated the classification in a Geographic Information Systems shapefile. A base roadway map has also been updated to include new roads and clean up roadway segments that were incorrectly represented.

In December 2006, a number of additional changes were made to the functional classification system at the request of St. Louis County and MnDOT District One. For the most part, the changes to the functional classification system were made to county routes in the surrounding townships.

In January 2007, the TAC and MIC approved the changes as recommended by MIC staff, MnDOT and St. Louis County and the updated functional classification map was sent to MnDOT Central Office for review and approval.

For More Information
Contact MIC GIS Specialist Kody Thurnau by phone at (218) 529-7515 or by e-mail.