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Northwest Superior Traffic Circulation Study
The final document for this study can be viewed at the following link: Northwest Superior Traffic Circulation Study. Please send questions to Robert Herling at

The City of Superior is targeting the area near Winter Street and Susquehanna Avenue for redevelopment, hoping to encourage commercial and industrial development there. Future businesses and industries in this area would be dependent on access to U.S. Highways 2 & 53 (Bong and Blatnik Bridges) for transportion. Recent development in this area has also increased the amount of traffic in the area, particularly truck traffic. The concern is that current capacities of Susquehanna Avenue and Winter Street, as well as access to U.S. Highway 2, may not be sufficient after this area has been fully developed.

The study was undertaken to answer a few primary questions. Will traffic operations throughout north Superior be adversely affected by the extra vehicle trips generated by the developments? Will the extra traffic require an off-ramp for the Bong Bridge at Susquehanna Avenue? Would extra commercial truck traffic to and from the new developments warrant the construction of a bypass route connecting N 3rd Street to Winter Avenue?

To help answer these questions, as well as others, a survey was distributed to area businesses and transportation organizations, a traffic model was created to project future traffic patterns, and several different analyses were undertaken to identify potential safety and capacity issues.

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