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Planning for Bicycles and Pedestrians
An important role of the Metropolitan Interstate Council is to plan for non-motorized modes of transportation through ongoing planning studies and implementation efforts.

Bicycle Planning
The goal of MIC bicycle planning efforts is to improve the bicycling environment throughout Duluth and Superior and adjacent areas. View more information about our current and recent bike planning efforts, including a three-phase comprehensive Bike Route and Signage project, the Duluth-Superior Bike Route Map and the Munger Trail Extension to the Lakewalk.

Pedestrian Planning
The MIC is commited to improving the pedestrian environment throughout the MIC Planning Area. Significant planning efforts include Safe Routes to School plans and Sidewalk Inventories for the cities of Duluth and Superior. Learn more about specific pedestrian planning efforts.

Downtown Duluth Modal Connections Study (2008)
In 2008, the MIC Work Program includes the development of a plan to fully connect all modes of travel (auto, bus, bike, pedestrian) within the greater Duluth Central Business District and Canal Park....more

For More Information
Contact MIC Planner James Gittemeier by phone at (218) 529-7556 or by e-mail.