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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is used at the MIC to analyze, edit, and display spatial data. GIS is used to devise project-specific land use maps, crash analysis, bike route planning, perform project-specific analysis, update Functional Classification, show project study areas, and much more.

Maps of Interest
Maps are an integral feature of any of the MIC's transportation and land use planning projects, and can be viewed in the plans and studies available on this website. Maps that display features of interest within the MIC Planning Area include:

Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Bike Route Map
Duluth-Superior Port Land Use and Facilities Map
Duluth-Superior Rail Map

Historical Maps
Previous editions of the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Bike Map include:

Duluth/Superior Metropolitan Bike Map - 2011
Duluth/Superior Metropolitan Bike Map - 2003
Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Bikeways Map - 1996
Duluth/Superior Area Bikeways - 1987

Visualization is simply putting words into images. The MIC is in the process of incorporating more visualization examples into our plans. Check back often for new links and information!

MIC presentations on "Visualization in the Endion Land Use and Transportation Plan":
Visualization Resources:

ArcGIS Server Implementation
ARDC recently implemented ArcGIS Server. Ron Chicka, MIC Director, shared what we've been working in Server at the WI MPO/RDC conference.

Download ArcGIS Server presentation (5 MB)

For More Information
For more information about maps and GIS services available through the MIC, contact MIC GIS Specialist Kody Thurnau by phone at (218) 529-7515 or by e-mail.