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Proctor Master Trail Plan

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The Proctor Master Trail Plan is a working document that serves as a long-term framework. It reflects a community vision as well as an ambitious set of goals, opportunities, and strategies that will be fully realized over time. The plan takes a comprehensive look at all planned trail projects that connect with Proctor. However, that is not to say that work on building this trail system is far off in the future. In fact, work on a large segment of this plan, the Proctor Connector, has already begun.

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Trail System Map
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The idea of a Master Trail Plan originated from the Proctor Comprehensive Plan. The first Comprehensive Plan, completed in 1997, discussed trails, but more so from a recreational user standpoint. However, the 2002 Comprehensive Plan expanded upon the trail idea and called for the creation of a network of pathways that would not only serve as a recreational use; but moreover, would provide viable connections to do everyday tasks without having to use a car.

In order to accomplish this idea, the goal of the Master Trail Plan is to devise a system of multiple use trails connecting neighborhoods, natural areas, community assets, and regional attractions; thereby, creating a network of pedestrian, bicycle, inline skating, and other multiple use non-motorized pathways throughout Proctor.

While the focus of this trail plan is Proctor, the plan looks outside of Proctor’s boundaries as well. This plan takes into account proposed trails from planning efforts already undertaken, including those by the Duluth Comprehensive Plan Trail Committee, the Superior Hiking Trail Association, the Bay View Elementary School students and faculty, and the Duluth Area Trails Alliance.

Therefore, this plan provides the design of a seamless, interconnected system of non-motorized trails that link neighborhoods to schools, parks and businesses and ties a ribbon of trails throughout Proctor, Duluth, Hermantown, Midway Township and St. Louis County.

The plan includes a general implementation timeline, based on short (0-5 yrs), mid (5-10 yrs), and long-range (10+ yrs) timeframes and is designed as a guide for all the jurisdictions, organizations, and groups in their efforts to implementing this regional, interconnected trail system.

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