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Proctor Comprehensive Plan Update 2008
Proctor Comprehensive Plan 2008 Update

This plan update was part of regular review process the city undertakes approximately every 5 years. The last update was completed in 2002. The City of Proctor’s Comprehensive Plan Group are the caretakers of the plan and charged with keeping everyone on task with implementation. You can view the plan HERE.

MIC staff is working with the City of Proctor's Comprehensive Planning Group ( to facilitate an Update of their Comprehensive Plan. The Proctor Comprehensive Plan Scope of Work. Components of the plan will include:

*Demographics & Housing
*Land Use
*Economic Development
*Natural & Cultural Resources
*Parks & Open Space
*Community Facilities & Utilities
*Intergovernmental Cooperation

Proctor Comprehensive Planning Group
Members include:

Lori Anderson
Jim Schwarzbauer
Kathy Hannan
Ted Peterson
Steve Anderson
Mike Maeckelbergh
Richard Anderson
RaeLea Johnson
Arnie Carlson
Jeff Gunderson

Public Involvement & Outreach
A Community Visioning session was held Tuesday May 13th at 6:30pm at the Proctor Community Center. Results of the Visioning Session.

MIC Staff has outreached to existing Proctor committee's to get their input on items that the Comp Plan needs to include & address. See input below:

Tourism Committee Input March 2008

PEDA Input April 2008

Proctor Chamber of Commerce Meeting May 13, 2008.

Safe Routes to School in Proctor
Safe Routes to School Programs strive to improve the health of kids and the community by making walking and bicycling to school safer, easier and more enjoyable. Programs involve parents, community members, school staff, traffic engineers, city planners, law enforcement officers, community leaders and many others. Planning efforts assess the safety of school travel routes; make changes such as building crosswalks or adding crossing guards; educate students and drivers about safe travel and encourage walking and biking to school. Some programs expand to promote safe walking and bicycling throughout the community.

Safe Routes to School is a national program included in the federal transportation bill and is geared towards kindergarten - 8th graders. The goals of the program are:

1.Enable & encourage children to walk & bike to school
2.Make bicycling & walking to school a safer & more appealing transportation alternative, encouraging healthy lifestyles from an early age (K-8)
3.Facilitate planning, development, & implementation of projects & activities that will improve safety & reduce traffic, fuel consumption, & air pollution in the vicinity of schools

A Steering Committee has been formed for Proctor Safe Routes to School.

Kirkus Street Project
The Kirkus Street project will be built in 2010. A property owners meeting was held in February 2008. Kirkus Street Property Owner Meeting.

Map of Kirkus Street Project.

For More Information
Contact MIC Planner James Gittemeier by phone at (218) 529-7556 or send a message by email.

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Employment Opportunity

The MIC has an opening for a planner to develop transportation and land use studies for the Duluth-Superior area. See More…

We Need Your Input!
Public comments are being taken on the Draft 2017-2020 Duluth Area TIP through the month of July.

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Comments and questions are welcomed by contacting Chris Belden at (218) 529-7502; or by attending a drop-in “open house” on:
Tuesday, July 19 or
Tuesday, July 26

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission office, 221 West First Street, Duluth, MN.

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