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Directions in Transportation 2035: Duluth-Superior Long Range Transportation Plan (July 2010)

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) provides direction for how the Duluth-Superior metropolitan area can arrive at a transportation future desired by its communities. With a 20 year outlook, the plan examines our area's transportation system against its current and future mobility needs, and establishes a set of strategies designed to meet those needs and achieve the transportation objectives of our area's communities.

Plan Chapters
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Title Pages & Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2 - Planning and Policy Framework

Chapter 3 - Trends

Chapter 4 - Performance

Chapter 5 - Projects and Funding

Chapter 6 - Participation

Appendix A - Travel Demand Model

Appendix B - Long Range Project List

Appendix C - Financial Capability Assessment

Appendix D - Stakeholder Involvement & Interagency Consultation Materials

Appendix E - Traffic Volume Maps (2008 & 2035 comparison)

Appendix F - Resolution adopting plan & Supporting materials