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Welcome to the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council
Guiding the Future of Transportation for the Twin Ports Area

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The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) is the designated bi-state Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Duluth-Superior metropolitan planning area. MPOs such as the MIC are a forum for discussion and resolution of inter-jurisdicitional transportation issues. The MIC receives transportation planning funds made available through the FAST Act federal transportation legislation.

The MIC was created in 1975 under a joint agreement between the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) in Duluth, Minnesota and the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) in Spooner, Wisconsin....more

MIC Planning Area
Map displaying planning area location at the eastern-most point of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI The MIC’s planning jurisdiction—the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Planning Area—extends from the census-defined Duluth-Superior Urbanized Area out to the first ring of non-urbanized townships. In Minnesota this includes the Cities of Duluth, Hermantown, Proctor and Rice Lake, and the townships of Canosia, Duluth, Grand Lake, Lakewood, Midway and Solway. In Wisconsin this includes the City of Superior, the towns of Lakeside, Parkland and Superior and the villages of Oliver and Superior.

The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Planning Area is 617 square miles and is encompassed within St. Louis and Douglas counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin, respectively....more

What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization?
The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1962 created the requirement for urban transportation planning, largely in response to the construction of the Interstate Highway System and the planning of routes through and around urban areas. This was the first legislative mandate requiring planning as a condition to receiving federal transportation funds. The Act required that transportation projects in urbanized areas…more

MIC Policy Board
Activities of the MIC are overseen by the Policy Board, which is comprised of 18 elected officials and citizens (nine from Minnesota and nine from Wisconsin) who represent all local units of government within the planning area....more

MIC Staff
The professional planning staff at the Metropolitan Interstate Council conducts research, develops technical tools and analyses for the region, consults with area jurisdictions and advises the Policy Board on transportation issues in the Duluth-Superior area....more

For More Information
Contact MIC Director Ron Chicka by phone at (218) 529-7506 or send a message by email